Happy Pumpkin Day!

I absolutely love any reason to be festive and do something fun with my family.  So, you know I am READY for Halloween :).

I am itching to get CJ into his costume we created for him!  Don't worry I will be posting pictures of this little pirate on Monday!

Here are some facts to get you feeling festive!  Enjoy!

Candy Corn's real name..."Chicken feed"
Now, that does not sound appetizing!
It earned it's original name due to the similarity to the food, corn- which was the staple food for chickens. Later, it was coined the name candy corn and associated with Halloween due to color and season it is made.

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"Souling" for Treats tonight?
Sounds a little spooky, right?
Trick-or-treating dates all the way back to Medieval times."Souling," also known as "guising" is what it was called. Young children and poor adults went door to door begging for food or money in exchange for prayers and song.

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Spooky Dinner
Oh, how I love tacos!
Here is a fun idea for a quick and easy Halloween dinner, my favorite, TACOS!  This is great for me because after fixing our costumes, getting candy for the trick-or-treaters, and cleaning I need something effortless.

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The Creepshow
If you know me, you know I HATE scary movies!  Chris, suggested we start a tradition of watching one scary movie each Halloween.
*Inserting bulging eyeball emojiis*
I have no idea why he wants to hear me shreaking or using every world in my explicit adult vocabulary, but I am up for a try.  If you are like me, I read that The Creepshow is supposed to make you laugh.  We will see about this.  It is based on comics from the 1950's and is broken up into five short films.  Hopefully, this film can ease me in to our new tradition.

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Have a safe and fun Halloween.  I will post our Halloween recap on Monday!



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